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Pathways' Concert - May 10, 2014

Pathways' Rock Band is having another amazing concert on May 10, 2014 from 7:30pm-9:00pm at the Montville Township High School Auditorium. We will feature songs from the 1950s to current times and will even be highlighting a Beatles medley! Pathways' disc jockeys, dancers, martial artists will also be performing. This concert features children of all abilities that have been working for over a year to get ready to perform for you. Click on the rock band logo to the left to download a flyer about the concert. Click below to order your tickets online now! Check out the video below…we are inviting P!INK!

Parent Training Workshops

Pathways is offering a parent- guardian training workshop from 7:00pm-9:00pm on the following date at the Lazar Middle School - 123 Changebridge Rd., Montville, NJ:

1) April 29, 2014: IEP Training - Least Restrictive Environment

The Harlem Wizards were sold out!

The Harlem Wizard game was a great success and was completely sold out at 700 tickets! The Montville SuperStars played a great game against the Wizards and the night was filled with fun and entertainment. One of our favorite seasoned players was back with us again this year - TOJO. He is still a spring chicken on the court dancing around at over the age of 65. Thank you to all of our volunteers, Montville SuperStars team members, and the Harlem Wizards! Without you the game could not have taken place!

Pathways Receives $80,000 in grants!

Pathways has received $80,000 in grants this fall for our Project Win-Win program!
The Youth Advisory Board of State Farm awarded the youth leaders from Pathways almost $62,000, $8,000 from Best Buy Children's Foundation, and $9,500 contribution from Novartis to transform our Project Win-Win program into a social entrepreneurship. The funding will go toward building small businesses in photography/graphic arts, video production, and music and entertainment. We are very excited as this funding will give us the ability to have state of the art programs in our Creative Studio that will emulate a professional work environment. It will give us the equipment, software, and professionals to raise this program to a social entrepreneurship. The students will work to create projects in music, film, photography, and graphic arts for businesses and organizations. The funding they generate will be used to pay them and continue to support their training and the expansion of the program and business. The greatest thing about the program is it will include the ideas, passions, and talents of children of all ability levels. The children are pictured above with Jennifer Young from State Farm receiving the check! Thank you to YAB State Farm, Best Buy Children's Foundation, and Novartis! Click on the logos below to find out more about these grantors.

The Mighty Mustangs

The Montville Township High School football is a group of young men who really understand the heart of football. All season they have truly included a 16 year old boy with multiple disabilities on their team. They are shining examples of what the game really means and have worked so hard to make sure that Jacob has been involved in everything. This video shows Jacob with the team in a pep rally for their first home game in front of the entire school chanting his name. Friday night on October 4, 2013, Jacob got to carry the team flag leading his team onto the field, and for the first time in his life, Jacob ran a ball for 2 yards on the field during a real game. Thank you to the Mustangs and to Coach Don! You made a boy that loves to play football feel like he won the Super Bowl!

Pathways Interviewed on "The Dawn" Talk Show

Pathways' Rock Band Plays on Stage with the Jonas Brothers at the PNC

Pathways' Rock Band was invited by Kevin Jonas to play on the PNC stage with them during the Jonas Brothers' sound check party. Pathways practiced to sing the Jonas Brother's song "Burning Up" and joined them on June 25, 2013 prior to their concert at the PNC. The sound check was fantastic and the Pathways' Rock Band loved every minute of it! Thank you to the Jonas Brothers and all their crew for making some dreams a reality for the kids! You made a lasting difference that will never be forgotten! View a video of their performance below and check out our facebook to the right for more photos!

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