Children Teaching Children      

Pathways mentor program  is changing lives by training future generations how to include people of all abilities.


Become a Mentor

All mentors take a two hour training with Pathways before volunteering. To register click here for the next mentor training.


Mentor Program Schedule

Pathways offers new programs every 6 weeks. Click below to search the schedule of programs you can volunteer for.


Sign Up to Mentor

Enter the programs and dates you want to mentor for by clicking here. Your program form is then submitted directly to Pathways.


Why Does Pathways Require the Mentor Training?

Mentors are required to take our mentor training to give them the basics in knowledge, strategies, and empathy they will need to help the variety of children that come into our programs. The training is two hours long and provides an interactive and hands on experience they will need to be a more effective mentor. It also gives the children a platform where they can ask questions and alleviate fears or the “unknowns” they may feel before they walk into our programs. Mentors report that the training definitely increases their confidence and gives them the basics to jump start into success.  Sign up for our next mentor training!


Earn the President's Volunteer Service Award

Pathway gives over 2,500 hours a year in volunteer hours to children.  We have now become certified organization that can help children achieve the hours needed to be recognized for this award. The minimum required within one year for a bronze award for a child 5-10 years of age is 26 hours, 11-15 years of age is 50 hours, and 16-25 years of age is 100 hours. 

Join us and make a difference!



Pathways Offers Many Programs You can Volunteer for!

Pathways has sports, robotics, reading and writing, math, computer programming, art, drama and more to choose from! The infamous Pathways Rock Band is another program started by a mentor and led by mentors since 2011. The Pathways Rock Band performs in concerts throughout the year and even performed in 2013 with the Jonas Brothers at the PNC during a sound check!  Children of all abilities participate and the friendships created and empowerment felt by all is priceless!




Common Questions Asked About Mentoring


Take the Challenge!

Develop Your Own Program at Pathways.

Do have a passion for art, music or something else and want to share it with others? Many of Pathways programs are developed and taught by children. This video of Aneek and Julia tell a story about how the two of them were passionate about computer programming and robotics. Pathways helped them get started and now they are paid instructors teach other children. That is what makes Pathways so unique is our children teaching children model!


Make a Difference Become a Mentor!

You can make a difference in the life of a child!


Meet Eli Rosen, a Pathways Mentor

I really enjoy being a Pathways mentor.  I like being able to help and bond with the kids and also give back to my community.  I volunteer in the sports program, teaching kids how to play different sports, how to work as a team, boost their self-confidence and of course have fun in the process.   I know that as a Pathways volunteer, I am a positive model for these kids, but I also have a lot of fun and get a lot out of it as well.  I hope that by volunteering, I can inspire some kids to try their best, experience new things and have a great time.


Do You Want to Become a Leader?

Pathways' mentor program has won national awards for creating outstanding leadership skills in youth. Pictured is Stephanie Jennis (white sweater) with Chelsea Clinton receiving a leadership award from generationOn.  Stephanie  received the award for helping to create programs within Pathways that have changed the lives of children and empowered communities throughout New Jersey and beyond!