Pathways for Exceptional Children

We believe that every child is exceptional and that each of them should be given the opportunity to pave their own unique pathways to success and inclusion.




We help children of all abilities develop a sense of belonging and give them opportunities to find their own success.


We teach children to value who they are develop the resiliency to reach their dreams and potential.  

Children Teaching Children

We help children discover their passions and encourage them to share them with other children.

Our Vision

Empower children of all abilities to build an inclusive world that embraces and respects differences.


Our Mission

At Pathways for Exceptional Children, we understand that children struggle to succeed and feel included.  Using a children teaching children model, we empower children of all abilities ages 3-21 to discover their passions, develop their strengths, and build the skills, not only to achieve their greatest potential and independence, but most importantly, a sense of value and belonging.

Join the Movement

"Include ME!"

Many children have unique needs that set them apart from others.  These children are seldom given the opportunity to feel exceptional.  They are often segregated from their peers because they don't fit in socially and are unable to live up to the standards prescribed by others.   Because of their differences, these children often face a world that devalues, excludes, and offers them little hope.

At Pathways for Exceptional Children we believe that every child, no matter what their ability or difference, is exceptional.  Using a children teaching children model, we are dedicated to ensuring that all children are given every opportunity to achieve success and feel included in their schools and communities.

Pathways became a nonprofit in 2002.  When we began our after-school programs, 100% of the children enrolled had  special needs.  However, our mission was inclusion.  Today, 65-70% of the children enrolled in our programs do not have special needs.  Our purpose is inclusion - our movement "Include ME!"

Join "Include ME!" to make the world a more inclusive place for ALL children! 



Pathways' Values

Make a Difference!

Pathways has a vision to make the world a more inclusive place for children of all abilities.  If you share our vision, please join us! Become a Volunteer, Board Member,  Sponsor, Instructor, or Mentor!  To change the world we need leaders with empathy that can join people around our vision of INCLUSION! It takes one person to start a movement and spread it across the world to thousands!