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Pathways for Exceptional Children

Our programs bring out the BEST in children of all abilities!


Our Current Programs

We have inclusive after-school programs for children of all abilities ages 3-21. Click here to see a schedule and register for programs.

Program Schedule

Become a Mentor

Are you in grades 3-12 and interested in mentoring? Click here to make a difference in children's lives in your community!

Become a Mentor

Our Training Academy

Pathways offers training for parents, schools and communities to support the growth and inclusion of children of all abilities

Pathways Training Academy

Are you Struggling to Find the Right Program for your Child? 

Pathways has many inclusive after-school programs that cater to the unique needs of your child. Your child might: 

  • learn more quickly and need a faster and more challenging pace. 
  • need a boost in self-esteem and extra support building social, academic, or life skills. 
  • have high energy and require greater focus to allow their creativity to flow!

Whatever your child's needs, Pathways works to tailor our curriculums to support your child's passions, creativity, learning, and social needs.


Pathways Helps Children Find Their Passions!

Pathways has many different programs that help children explore their passions. We have inclusive programs in reading and writing, drawing and painting, STEM, music, drama, life skills, and so much more! Programs are affordable and offered at convenient times weekdays and weekends.

Register for a Variety of Robotics and Computer Science Programs!

Pathways offers inclusive opportunities for children of all abilities to keep growing and learning. We provide entry, intermediate and advanced classes in most of our programs!

Pathways uses an Award Winning "Children Teaching Children" Model

Studies show that children do best when they learn from each other. Pathways has an award winning mentor program. All mentors must take a formal 2 hour training before they can volunteer. The mentors are trained to befriend and empower the students they work with. The value they both gain is priceless!


To Become a Mentor Register for Our Next Training!

Become a Mentor


Mentoring is one the greatest ways to serve both the children you work with and your community!

Do You Need to Increase Inclusion in Your Schools or Community?

Including children of all abilities can be challenging. Pathways has award winning programs that can simplify and accelerate the process.

The Pathways Training Academy has a variety of programs and assemblies that can be tailored to meet the inclusion needs of your schools or community. Learn how to implement the "Children Teaching Children" mentor model or bring the "Include ME!" assembly to your school and recreation programs.


Is Your Child Struggling to Succeed and Feel Included?

Many children struggle daily to succeed in life and feel included with their peers. Pathways for Exceptional Children provides online training programs for parents to help them increase their child's self esteem, independence, and sense of belonging.


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